Creating and finding sound

Disquiet Junto Project

Disquiet Junto Project

I’ve mentioned before that whenever possible I like to partake in the weekly Disquiet Junto project. It was exciting to know that the piece I created last week was played in China on Thursday. I’m hoping to get a full report in the next few days.

For this week’s project we’ve been given a picture of some notes written on a school whiteboard. Basically we just have to do something with it.

I downloaded an app called NotateMe Now which allows me to draw in the note. It then converts it to a mini file which I could export into Ableton Live. I’m rather pleased with the result.

I love finding and collecting sounds from all sorts of places. This week I was at the auction for the Norwich GoGoDragons. Eighty two painted dragons were sold to help raise money for a local children’s charity called Break. They raised over £300,000 pounds at the auction, which I captured on my iPhone.

The plan now is to do something with it! Watch this space.

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