Cala d’Or

I promised some sound recordings from my visit to Majorca.

Cala Gran Beach – Daytime

Cala Gran Beach

Cala Gran beach.

It’s mid October but even at this time of year the sun is hot and the breeze is warm.

So too is the sea and tourists and locals come out to play.

You can hear the children laughing and screaming in the sea.

Cala Gran Beach – Evening

Cala Gran beach in the evening

Cala Gran beach in the evening

Later in the day it gets cool very quickly as the wind turns chilly.

The beach and sea soon clear and the sounds around me change.

You can hear the sea lapping against the rocks I’m sitting on.


Cala d'Or market

Cala d’Or market

On Sunday evenings they have a small market in Cala d’Or town centre.

I suspect the season is winding down as there were not many stalls – or customers!

You can hear children playing and the older men are showing a young boy how to do a magic trick. “El magina!”

Raco de Sa Crue

Raco de Sa Crue

Raco de Sa Crue

Just along the coast from Cala Gran there’s a fascinating rock formation. It’s marked on the map as Raco de Sa Crue.

There’s no beach and it’s quite tricky to walk across.

This meant that I had the place to myself to enjoy the sounds of the sea.


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