Siurell sound

The whistle is on the back

The whistle is on the back

While on holiday I was taken by the traditional whistle they were selling as souvenirs. Not just because of the look but because they actually make a sound.

The whistles were used by farmers to round up their herds and in the days before TV they would play tunes to entertain their families.

I just had to do something with it. So I recorded me blowing into the whistle, which is actually situated on the back of the figurine and looks a bit rude in photos!

I imported it into Ableton Live and used the Sampler so I could play various notes. Then I sampled and resampled elements of what I’d recorded and added effects until I ended up with a sound not unlike a whale calling.

So I let the sounds take me on a voyage and considering that everything you can hear (apart from the bell) originally began as the Siurell, I’m rather pleased with the resulting result.

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