Sound bits

I thought it might be an idea to share with you some of the audio from this week’s field trips.

As I mentioned in the previous post it’s early days for my hydrophone so I’m not getting the results promised just yet! I’ll be patient. Well as patient as I can. In the meantime this was my first trial.

It’s at Winterton-on-Sea on the Norfolk coast. I have an ordinary microphone pointed at the sea, while the hydrophone is buried under the sand at the water’s edge.


While I was at Upton Broad in Norfolk I got a little wet around the ankles. The previous day had seen some pretty heavy showers and as marshland goes, it did seemed extra squelchy…


The thing about the Norfolk coast is that you are never that far from aircraft noise. The big open skies means that aircraft can rumble around for ages before finally passing overhead…


But there’s also plenty of quiet spots to sit and reflect on a good day’s recording…


It’s strange that I find myself doing most of my field recording from around this time of year through to late spring, so expect more!

3 thoughts on “Sound bits

  1. Thanks for sharing those sounds 🙂 I really enjoyed all those watery sounds.
    I can’t wait to hear what you’ll record with the hydrophone microphone. I like what you’ve produced in the first one. It kind of sounds like the water is being sucked in.

    What hydrophone microphone do you use?

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    • Thanks for the comments. I’m using the DolphinEar PRO. I hope to get out a bit more in the coming weeks to give it good try out. Any tips would be most welcome!


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