50% Binaural Podcast

earOK, so the last one wasn’t really a binaural recording. I admit it had everything but the head and ears as somebody pointed out.

So what difference do they make to a recording?

For this podcast I’ve headed out to the Norfolk coast at Winterton-on-Sea to do a fifty/fifty recording of the sand dunes and the sea.

The first half has been recorded using my nifty little stereo set up an the second half is pure binaural using the same microphones but this time placed in my ears – which is where they are designed to be used.

Let me know what you think. For me I don’t think the binaural recording brings anything new to the party other than the sound of the wind hitting my ears.

But the sea is loud and perhaps I’ll try the same experiment again next week in somewhere more active in different areas – a shopping street or market place.

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