Binaural Podcast

IMG_2838I’ve knocked together a bit of kit that allows me to record with binaural microphones mounted inside a blimp.

The idea is to get the same full all round sound but without having to worry about the constant wind sound when using the ear plugs.

I explain on the Podcast a little more about how I constructed it and my hopes for the results.

But the proof is in the recording, so if you have half an hour to spare please join me on a walk around Upton Broad in Norfolk.

The microphones are Roland 10 EM plugged into an Olympus LS-11.

There’s even a bonus recording done with my new hydrophone!

2 thoughts on “Binaural Podcast

  1. Hi Richard, I enjoyed your sound walk around the Broad. Although I enjoy listening to all formats of field recordings, I’m not that impressed by binaural (in ear) recordings as they have too many problems; one being that of wind buffet as you mention, and another possibly even worse, that of the dreaded wandering stereo field. However your recording, not strictly binaural, more a near coincident array, was quite good, so here’s some more feedback for you: try placing a sound absorbent disc at the centre of your broom handle same internal diameter as the Rode blimp, that should help provide better spatial cues, as the head does for in ear binaurals; producing a wider and more ‘open’ stereo recording.

    Happy recording!



  2. Thanks for this Lawrence. Yes, it was a bit of a cheat 🙂 So I’ve been out doing some experiments.
    Thanks for the suggestions, I may have a go at that, although to be honest I’m really pleased with the simple stereo I’m getting without the wind!


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