Babes In The Wood

It’s hard to imagine that a story so horrible as Babes In The Wood should be best known as a family pantomime.

The legend has few, if any laughs. It’s also missing a Dame (man dressed as a woman). But it does have a couple of children left to die in Wayland Wood near Watton in Norfolk.


Watton village sign

Over the years the pantomime has fallen out of favour being replaced by cheerier tales of Robin Hood.

The legend, however, lives on in Norfolk and I spent a morning at the location where the terrible deed was done several hundreds of years ago.

The village sign at Watton shows the two children under a tree in the wood.

If you want to read about the story then check out the page on the Norfolkcoast website.

For now, join me in Wayland Wood for a taste of the atmosphere and a little impromptu music.


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