Lolly Moor

Lolly Moor 2

Westfield Parish Church seen through the trees

What isn’t there to like about a place called Lolly Moor?

Just south of East Dereham in Norfolk, Lolly Moor is a small nature reserved managed by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust.

The NWT site lists Chiffchaffs, willow warblers, Flocks of long tailed tits, Brimstones, Gate Keepers, Commas, Banded Demoiselles and Large Red Damselfly as the site’s special interest. I had to settle for Blue Tits and Blackbirds.

I was met by a mist of light rain and the beautiful sound of a small stream running though the woodland.

There was plenty of birdsong around as well as the usual distant traffic and overhead aircraft.

Through the trees I could see Westfield Parish Church – now on my list of churches to visit.

On the birdsong audio at about 6.20 you can just hear, briefly, the distant sound of church bells. Not, I would imagine from Westfield Parish Church, but much further afield.

But no sooner as the ringing started the light breeze carried it away and I didn’t hear it again.


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