Found Sound – Violin lesson?

I took delivery of a stack of used reel to reel tapes today. The box, marked “fragile, do not drop”, was carefully wedged behind the blue recycle bin. Fortunately it was emptied yesterday otherwise my tapes would now be landfill. I’m also relieved it wasn’t raining.

I digress. It’s always exciting to get new old tapes. There’s really no way of guessing what’s on them, even the labelling, when it’s there, can be misleading.

So my excited little fingers set up the first tape. This in itself is wondrous, carefully threading it over and around the little wheels, against the play head and looped onto the take up spool. Then the loud clunk as all the wheels jump into place as I press the ‘Play’ button. Suddenly the thin brown tape comes alive.

This is what I heard.

The sound of someone having a violin lesson I think. The tones of the talk and the recording suggests we are listening to a ‘field recording’ rather than a radio transmission or studio recording.

I wonder who they are/were. No clues on the tape or the box.

The rest of the tape is mostly jazz recording from disc, but interestingly the very last part of the tape has a BBC Radio 4 news bulletin which refers to President Obama, so this part, certainly, recorded fairly recently.

Can’t wait to listen to the rest.

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