The Insect Play – Mile Cross Middle School

Did you go to Mile Cross Middle School in Norwich in the 1970s or 80s? Then you may be on this recording!

I found this old recording on a reel to reel tape. It has the first two episodes of a BBC Schools Programme presented by David Self looking at a production of ‘The Insect Play’.

If anyone has information about when this was broadcast, who is on it or anything else relevant to the recording, please do get in touch.

Mile Cross Middle School closed in 2007 and David Self, who went on to write books and plays, died in 2008.


One thought on “The Insect Play – Mile Cross Middle School

  1. I attended Mile Cross Middle and I can remember being told to go to the school hall with some other pupils. We were asked to listen to a play and then we were told we were going to be asked our thoughts about it and it would be recorded for BBC Radio 4. I remember that I couldn’t pick up the courage to say anything, but thought that I might say something later when we came back after playtime break. Of course as is the way, we went back to our usual classes after playtime! I think this must have been the recording! If only I could recognise the voices and remember the names of the other children who were in the room! I think the year would have been about 1975 or 1976 – that makes me feel very old!


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