Making Purple

Screen Shot 2016-04-23 at 10.12.42

“Serial Composition”, Lidy Prati c1948

Each week (mostly) I try and partake in the Disquiet Junto Project.

The basic idea is to create a new piece of music or sound by following a set of rules. It could be music based on a sound or on another pice of music or something experimental.

For this week’s task we were (that an online group of interested musicians and sound artists) were asked to produce a piece of music based on sight reading a late-1940s painting by Argentine artist Lidy Prati.

I decided to associate a note to each symbol – so the black horizontal block was E, two blocks G, the vertical block B and so on up the scale.

Then I translated the painting into these notes and keyed them into Ableton Live.

notes 1


I played around a little finding the right instrument sounds – opting for some retro computer instruments. Then it was a matter of finding the right scale and effects.

Finally I over laid various scales and reversed some of the samples adding extra ‘hooks’ and a basic drum beat.

Playing the loops through several times and changing the pitch with some reverb and simple delay I work the piece up to something I was failry pleased with for the Project.

Titles are always difficult for me, but as I seemed to be surround by purple on such a sad news day, that’s what I went for!


Screen grab from final mix

This is my track for the Project and you can hear how other artists and composers have interpreted the same painting on Soundcloud.

One thought on “Making Purple

  1. I like the idea behind this project. It seems like a good way to “exercise” in terms of production and learning a DAW like Live as well.


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