2016 and all that

It has been a great year for sound. The audiodays Souncloud page has had over 11k plays and I launched the Norfolk Sound Map.

It’s incredible to think how far my music has travelled this past year with listeners on every continent. Here’s your Top Ten of plays for 2016.

If pushed to pick my personal favourite I’d probably go for Mr Deckard (at number 2). It was great fun to make and I had some fantastic feedback.


The Wire – July 2016

Every track in the Top Ten was created for the weekly Disquiet Junto Project, something I’ve been doing now for three years! It even managed to get me quoted in The Wire (see right).

Elsewhere I finally got round to creating the Norfolk Sound Map. An online collation of my various field recordings around the county.

The project led me to produce a short series featuring the sounds of Norfolk on Future Radio in Norwich.

I’m hoping the new year will bring more opportunities to share my work, but in the meantime, thank you for following me in 2016 and keep listening in 2017!

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